The sadness crawls in his eyes, circles lamp posts tired. Chided by a dormant delicately scaled dragon, she named the past. Can you hear the moon light strands cry? Shatter, liquify, set the jeweled, midnight sheer transcendent.



Original Art by Harry Edgar Palacio

Straight. The black brew does not dally nor play bad darts. It reaches the inner cortex She whispers in my ear over and over. Through my brain, I rest defeated. An accumulation of words from the collective mass brings me to a dead-end. I am immersing myself into the collective consciousness. Is it my mental delusions or has the universe opened my eyes? I was blindsided. I grapple with the context of reality. Split mind. They called us prophets, once. Now lunatics. The doors of perception are seemingly easy for me to rifle through. Yet, at times, the burden is an overwhelming weight of dark days and heavy despair.

Yogi love <3

I woke wet from a mist of the ancient breath. I heard that soon the figment of time will reveal nothing and everything. Truth is concealed by the liars’ tongues momentarily then swallowed back into the ocean of eternity. Ancient figures in their solitude slowly egging humanity to wake. The sun will set us free. My path brings me to these words. I pray with my mind for the chance to pay my debts. Come find me at the end of the universe, I’ll sift through dreams of these ghost until I see your face.

Heaven Bound

Original Art by Harry Edgar Palacio

I wondered why I was made this way. She sees through me. I asked you to smile as I gave an inch of my time. She blew smoke in my eyes and blinded the intentions of all that is good within me. What I could think now was that the dawn of all humanity nestled slow between her thighs.  I told her to listen to the rain. The thing is I never knew why those times manifested itself like that but there was something that had me clinging to the darkness. She asked why I didn’t reach for God at those auspicious times and I replied that I had. I could only see myself shoveling my own grave but that may be some sort of spiritual path.