An open grave of stars

The night turns off the sky

Releasing the world from the tangible

An open grave of stars buried in the galaxy

Sending their final thoughts to God 

And a city of dreams walks out of day jobs 

Taking books off the shelf, high wire acrobatics 

I thought I heard you in my silence, talking to me in dreams often now

Shadowed, grey, fast moving clouds swallow the moon, leaving yesterday 

Thunder like firecrackers breaks the quiet before the veins of lightning pulses through the sky pressing its holy finger on the beat of the night 

As our stillness transforms us:

Magic spells, the rain and a sliver of a red sun, the heart break of loneliness, the fallen shelter of sadness, the slow cool of music when you’re feeling It, the come down, the let down, the highs, the lows, the shaking, and the fears of failure, they turn on the faucet of silver speckled beams