The intimacies of the universe 

I climb to the edge

Into the speckled warlike wave of tea lights.

Alloy railings and spiral stairways

Angel headed day sleepers

Bearing wild teeth and forgotten memories.

A furnace of day dreams, bookends, cloves and cigarettes, incense,

Musings about almost anything just to break the doldrums, madness,

Strangers’ conversations, soft looming words at bedroom hours and

Spiral notebooks for secrets.

Her lips echo the here and now.

I have learned to covet my solitude

Although I am still alone.

She reads my mind and tells the birds on the wire to sing one last time.
Star-crossed lovers’ fate

Pouring over those fuchsia skies

Like astral beings

Wandering the hilltops

She unfolds her legs and howls

Longing for lost things in the daybreak

Of youth
As the tides recedes into the womb of the moon

I have become awaken by a labyrinth of fingertips

A cocoon slowing the pace of the day

Seeking shade from the loneliness

In an alcove of solitude

Steeped in memories she calls

I pray for your love to return to me

Only to think I may not pray for such things
Nostalgia is like a friend

Who doesn’t talk to you anymore

Seducing you from the present

Memories are delicate creatures

One must let go of the past in order to continue

Slivers of ancient golden suns

Circle the galaxy

Like cool waters and praying Bodhisattvas

Searching deep inside

Far into the distance of the heart
Where thoughts rest

She comes and goes.

Wild like the trees

Bearing down on me.

They brought madness to my door.

Like those pearls of her mind

Ebbing soft towards the shore.

And as a river runs through my hands

I began to understand;

The intimacies of the universe.


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