Lost things in the twilight

Heavy rains wrack the plains Comes quick and back again

A downpour collides with my mind 

She comes to me in dreams 

Glued to the pulp of the sun where the embers build temples into the sky

I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them in a rush 

Those blurred red sun spots cool my mind

We are magic and I mark the foothills where we walk 

I mentioned her name in passing a lost goodbye 

Seeking the river’s sea I ran with the tide 

It motioned back to me, “they have let it go.”

The river pulsed with beads of light wild like the trees 

My eyes widened, love is the city of dreams awakened

My lover is distant neither here nor there

I walk amidst shadows of her

Among the water upon the stone about the bed inside the corridors throughout the labyrinth 

Sleepwalker don’t leave me lonely 

I’m right across the hall from you

Scented candles and incense as holy offerings 

I’ll leave the lights on and stay up for you

The rain travels far careening through oblivion for you 

As madness curtails our affair a star crossed love 

Like a paper back novel 

I have found myself pulsing in and out of darkness and light like a faulty light bulb in a dark room

I was ripe with the moon 

In the God we speak of I find my everything 

We never said goodbye

I was once the river now I am the rain

Things will never be the same


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