Original Art by Harry Edagr Palacio

Wilted sectors of this crawling membrane.

Layers of lies.
Rain rolling down my
Progressively crooked spine.
I don’t know what I’m trying to say anymore. I want to speak.
I need more.
Raw wounds
War sounds
I don’t understand but I know.

She’s looking distracted while her brain streams a melody like magic. Her heart pulses wildly.  Shattered like a storm, I thought.
I spoke to soon.
Curate my intentions. Transcribing moments beyond stillborn affirmations. Blooming a ripe dreamers banquet. A beating torrent of impaling rain, crashing against the glass. Shattering like a break-up moon. The sweet gentle haze of your star breathing heart blurs the mind and attacks my central nervous system like a plague.
I spoke so soft, too soon.
Waiting aisles pressed by force conscious of every breath. I peel hardly able to live. I don’t want it to get any easier my heart thrives on pain. Bury me again. That running joke, what was that thing she said? Modestly shaking her curls defining the grasp I have on her. I am a ghost in memory.


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