Continium – Dream Walking Savage

As I walked past the cemetery with my brother, I saw with a mystic’s flare. Shiny rippling rifts. Breathing in the free-ness. Smoking cigarettes and pulsing on the city floor. Shyness was let out in gales of purplish grey clouds. At this moment I was not burdened. I ate talk. Spoke the fevered minds tongue.
Dance flickering flame. Burn bright and delude me. The exertion calls you to glow. Shooting through the lines of my body. I have hungered for this feast a thousand fold. Re-gathering my wits. Amassing my army. Incantations of sleeping ghosts. Speeding the feelings of mother across my subversion. I sink harder. This cutting feeling talks me to ledges. I fool my heart. Penance.
This chord fits the semblance of my drawn and quartered peace of mind. Defying all lights. Alone I hung my head. Refuting these auspicious signs. There was a bird that dampened my hands with feathers and blessed my heart with an unreal dreaming. The fathomless bearer of beauty, truly unique in substance.
In my high school years abroad I shut myself up in my mind. Emotions were vacuum sealed, dispersed by deep seeded rationality. Irrational, I perceived my heart to be. When I thrashed my minotaur with a whip of self desecration he was off. Senile with rage and blind hate. When is hate not blind? I surface now in a smoky haze from the bastion of a higher ground. Escalated by bricks and stones. Meat and bones. Chakras and mantras. Dreams. God was my alcove and Om buried my heart to become jewels brilliant in the night air.
Oh yea, back to that bird. She was a harrowing of voices and wind-blown incantations. In my non linear thoughts I was guided with blessings. That day I sank in my face a thousandfold. My brow furrowed and veins grew denser. I collected a dedication to her and I was weaker than, so I felt. My high school love. Fresh faced and wild as the bird that hand landed on my hand. Begging for my senses. I was aflame with the heat of the afternoon and the breaks in my heart. I foresee nothing. My wax like dream-scape shamed me. She cut the thread with caustic kisses. My heart beating, pumped that adrenal substance. Endorphins were rejected. I refused to dine on brilliance and love if it was not hers. Danielle was her name, and her name curls off my tongue like a sliver of her sweat. I was brought to the cast iron truth of it all. It was not a finite message from the heavens that I could decipher with my mind; I can not translate the chills that flowed down my spine.
Why she sang so lucidly sure that bird, I still beg to know. I was reclusive. I unnerved myself and locked myself away from the shit storm stabbing my eyes. Dispersing and reorganizing the chemical dysfunction that was burgeoning from my dark skin. No one could tell the crucifixion that marked my desolation. But I had you and my brother. We hung three. Watching the world work its magic trick.
The sparrow marked me with protection. She knew my heart. Diffusion. I don’t know what I am saying anymore. Glued to the banks of night-scapes and gargoyles. I am something to fuck with. Meaningful.
I adhere to the complex notions of time. Take me back, God; to the break in the sea, where the sun shoots and purges the weak and defeated. I speak with your tongue. I pray with a love that I had not created yet flows freely through me. Through us.
True-ness shaking off my fingers.
Smoke free-ness. This ends as I began, dormant; stuck,a surge of venom and I am breathing life. The eyes flash and pupils dilate. She knows me, my maker. I caress the thoughts newborn in my mind….. “I have been before since and ever more. I close these lids and try to feel the sharp light.
Slipping in and out of lives.


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