Kill Me With Love

She, breather. Extrapolate expanse in such young language. Elongating a shatter. Seconds as eternity. Memories, non-linear fragments. The blood coursed through. Wild and hurried. Stars fixated on alinement. I whisper Sweet truths. As we decipher the universe; slowly, egging forward to kiss. Mind eyes adjoining in ethereal fuzz. We are the carvings met by the sky’s army. Oh, the indulgence. Mind travelers; as the sun breathes our visions. Conversations misplaced; conceived within folds of awareness. I lust over your pubic scent. I take you in. Heaven spent. I see through skewed river’s eyes; into the tree-like reaches of your mind. Turning warm; squirming with a passionate vigor. I swallow your come; dress it on my finger, mending a wound. Lover, you are future-


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