Lunar eyes

Calling. Sheer moonlight strains. He said” I saw the portal sky but decided I was comfortable here”. Seeker. I, madness? Covet the collective eyes. I see her gazing upon us with magic. Scented dreams and disjointed beams cast and magnify into me. Churning in cyclical phases. These waves crash and ebb mythical changes. Etching my heart’s desires. Set these cautionary stares down as he states the unreasoned carefree highs. You spoke to me divine; cantor so ingenious. Oh! Rigors of such contagious lunacy. The moon coats her teeth with a rhythmic smile. Singing impassioned; sucking the negative of wild hearts divided.
And the other side of the moon is holed and unappealing. Dark and reaching into the nothingness of the ether. Are you wounded? Sunken eyes pressed deeper into the grave. I hear your echo, “they’ll try and break you because they are broken”. My heart beat, still: As the turkey vultures crawled through the air effortlessly, as the madness of their eyes’ laughter had taken me, whilst those deep brooding sighs sanctified and destroyed me in paradoxes, as the world turned on its side and buried me. It’s rippling tide edged forward and I shot to greet the madness with fervency. I smiled as this familiar stranger tore my insides out. He handed me my flayed innards and said with his eyes,” I do not dream, why should you”.


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