Cosmic Sea

Lost, drifting glances.
As the pearls of her eyes came and went,
A café bar where we sat had begun to collapse, the old dream gone.
Now sitting beside this chair undoing.
Very little was left.

She sank into the cosmic sea.
As these auspicious moments let in a pregnant quiet.
Those brown pearls still glued to this memory.

The intimacies of the universe 

I climb to the edge

Into the speckled warlike wave of tea lights.

Alloy railings and spiral stairways

Angel headed day sleepers

Bearing wild teeth and forgotten memories.

A furnace of day dreams, bookends, cloves and cigarettes, incense,

Musings about almost anything just to break the doldrums, madness,

Strangers’ conversations, soft looming words at bedroom hours and

Spiral notebooks for secrets.

Her lips echo the here and now.

I have learned to covet my solitude

Although I am still alone.

She reads my mind and tells the birds on the wire to sing one last time.
Star-crossed lovers’ fate

Pouring over those fuchsia skies

Like astral beings

Wandering the hilltops

She unfolds her legs and howls

Longing for lost things in the daybreak

Of youth
As the tides recedes into the womb of the moon

I have become awaken by a labyrinth of fingertips

A cocoon slowing the pace of the day

Seeking shade from the loneliness

In an alcove of solitude

Steeped in memories she calls

I pray for your love to return to me

Only to think I may not pray for such things
Nostalgia is like a friend

Who doesn’t talk to you anymore

Seducing you from the present

Memories are delicate creatures

One must let go of the past in order to continue

Slivers of ancient golden suns

Circle the galaxy

Like cool waters and praying Buddhas

Searching deep inside

Far into the distance of the heart
Where thoughts rest

She comes and goes.

Wild like the trees

Bearing down on me.

They brought madness to my door.

Like those pearls of her mind

Ebbing soft towards the shore.

And as a river runs through my hands

I began to understand;

The intimacies of the universe.

Broken Horses

Broken horses
A band of untanned skin 

Wraps around a space for lost lingering ghosts 

Hangers on where only gold memories remain

A succession of forgetting grooves the etchings

A deluge streaming down her cheeks past a point of no return

Broke horses lay like mattresses 

She lost that keepsake long ago

Within minutes love fell but no one came to recover her crying 

A leaving replaced by a foreign lover’s comfort 

To recite a broken love from a past life 

A band of untanned skin wrapped around her finger 


The buzz saw is a quiet rabbit House keeping the lawn

Cornflake box novels 

Sweater weather mythology

Sometimes when I walk by strangers

I know you less or more 

You remind me of a memory I had washing your dishes even though the washer worked 

The bath ran away

Geese fly south some come back

A song came on it was the radiator 

A closet of just my clothes 

I think jigsaw puzzles are sad because they break up in the end.

 The winter river snakes along the bend 

This dying dance a clash of dissonance 

White noise suffocates the music 

The fumes rise lips burnt from coldness

Cutting eyes peel her away 

Distant words echo from a yesterday like a tightrope walker scaling the boneyard

Quietude stays and drowns the room

And furrows of elapsed time becomes shelter for nightmarish overtones 
And the cellophane, cigarette butts, tea kettle screams, anti vaccine journals, magazines about buying, books retired, forced entries, fallen cities, empires forgotten, the pleasers, dead space, shit storms and this middle ground, the waiting, her loud eyes, pencil shavings, she’s lying and he believes her, that machinery, she’s wired, face to face meetings are a rarity now a days, entire book shelves on dying
A city seen from over her shoulder 

As she launders the distance within her eyes
The phosphorescent glare of wolves eyes 

Bending time towards me 

A sanctuary built over old graves 

Go to sleep I will talk to you some tomorrow from now 

Like ghosts that greet the mountains 

I skin regret with a prayer

Biting the banks of the river’s shore

Like eye-fulls of phosphorescent coolness

Pulling me across the suns highway

I howl at night

Soft promises

Why wind this hour longer?

Digging our graves

She does not follow

Like ghosts that greet the mountains

Words run it’s course

A weeping song remembered

Awake by daybreak

Page after page

Misfired touches

Mishaps and bent shapes

Lost in silences for heavens sake

Beaded wells of sweat

A daydream of her

I walked back to gather my keys

All the hour waiting quietly

Harboring forgets

She comes and goes softly

Intertwined in between a wild kiss and the

goodbyes that have left me wanting

She sings and there’s an echo burying me

Climbing holy heaven to reach you

Enveloped in your faint touch

Just a memory rushing to meet me again

There the sky fragments into tiny pulses like

heart beats in a wild love.

Empires rise and fall

In the dying of night

Desperation hunts me down
She never says goodbye

Instead she tells me later

Her eyes soften

Gazing at the riverbed

love meets in passing

she whispers closer

Crystalline cities

Emerging from the sky

Tracing those fingers all through my stories

Lost things in the twilight

Run away from me

This love becomes nightfall

As the stars crisscross like a tourist

Long winters ahead

There is a silo of emptiness

Rusty and bare

As I dart away into another hall

Before I am recognized

As memories unnerve me

Loose tiles on the bathroom slide along the

floor with my bare feet

She sleepwalks into my daydreams

I am a sunken ship defeated by memories

Faithful to her ghost

Like an obsession of whispers

Walking away from the sun