Wires Through Dreams

wires through birds
lower sanctum/ shape shifter
polarized dead weight
treason’s rich gleam
parting ways/ the in between
feelers hard/ suicide’s alarms
lightning skyline fractures
vast wastelands for eons
“I’m on your side”,
blew a quasar into my mind’s ear
I rolled a cigarette or two
driving blind
a dreamless sleep

Magia En La Noche Breve

Cadera como espejo
dedos como teclas
Y me perdi contigo en el encontrado
Esa puerta lijera
en la noche Breve

La madrugada entre la luz
De tu suenos
Pero nunca breve la magia
Que abre tus oyos al secreto del

Como Un libro que te conoces

Con oyos de canela
Magia sin Origen
el hueco Del conejo blanco

Sahara Crescent

Forget me by the tissue
Clinging by the marrow
Shorn all in the bathroom
Cutting board eyes

Sleeping by the blanket
Cross between my nails
Divots on the railing
Ebbing on the window

Reefs contingent meadow
Shoreline fractures
Dream strewn hair
Sparse inklings of magic

Wading Skinny

Intonations of fervor
Riled and cut
Wading skinny
Shimmering legs tamed and cooled

And brambles grew over the silver
As layered peels of birth became
Immaculate rustic chants

It sank within
Whispers of rivers

Spirits Culmination

cut off moon
River knife
Palate burnt
Shifts at night

Spirits stagger
By the wain of the laughter

Seminal eyes
She bladed the sand
From a warmth
Foreign and obscured

Unknown deft diver
Mid drift tongue

Galactic precursor
Like lengths undefined
She rings the loop
astral beads of sweat


About The Recent

Get buried in the rain
Lagoon by the bedside
Sugared limbs
Gilded tries
Withered petals on the stove
Crying through the noise
Coral relief in my mind
Porous wild hives
Tentacle kissed shakes
Formatted wave lengths
Dense by the noise
Cloves and cigarettes
Rolled tight
Ashtray liner notes
Suicide every night
Neon alarms
Soft angular legs

Changeling’s sensual birthright